Residents, or their relatives, who might be interested in coming to The Argyle Residential Home are encouraged to sample the atmosphere and level of service. Day-care is often arranged while waiting for a vacancy. This gives the resident time to get to know the staff and adjust to new people and surroundings. A four week trial period, for both resident and The Argyle, is always given before taking permanent residency.

Financial Arrangements and Fees:

We are committed to providing value for money within our comprehensive and caring service. Fees from  £680.00 for permanent and £720 for respite. This fee is collected monthly.

Depending on the personal financial situation, residents can either pay any fees privately or receive benefits arranged by social services. We offer advice on the current policy of the social services as these can be complicated. Mrs, Andrew is fully conversant with the lasted policies.

What we include in our fees:

  • Fully trained staff in 24-hour attendance.
  • Good home cooked food.
  • Provision for special diets.
  • Laundry Services.
  • Call System
  • Creative Therapy
  • Entertainers
  • Religious Services
  • G.P Visits

We also have access to free Chiropody and Dentistry.

What we do not include in our fees:

  • Dry cleaning.
  • Hairdresser (Fortnightly visits)
  • Private phone installations.
  • Newspapers.