The Argyle Staff.

Mrs. Ann Andrew is the manager and proprietor, and will gladly assist residents with any worries that they might have.

We currently have over 30 staff working at The Argyle for the resident’s well-being and comfort.

There are  two deputy managers and six senior managers, who see to the daily running of The Argyle. These members take charge when Mrs. Andrew is off the premises. We also have day care staff and night staff.

There are three housekeepers who clean resident’s rooms and other parts of the home.

There are two cooks and we also have a creative therapist, a book keeper and a gardener.

Staff Training.

Managers Qualifications:

  • Registered Manager Award N.V.Q. Level IIII
  • Elderly abuse awareness course.
  • N.V.Q. Level III.
  • First Aid at Work.
  • Food and Hygiene.
  • Risk Assessment Course.
  • Drug Awareness / Diabetic / Incontinence Assessment.
  • R.S.A. Assessors Qualification.
  • Moving and Handling Instructors Course.

Training Philosophy.

The Argyle encourages all staff to take part in training. Most care staff hold a minimum of N.V.Q. level II . and these are either training/trained to level N.V.Q level III and for assessors qualifications.
All staff are trained in Basic First Aid, Food and Hygiene, Moving and Handling, Fire Proceedures, Health and Safety, C.O.S.H.H,Safe Guarding, Mental Capacity Courses, Dementia Awareness,Drugs Practise and our own derived training courses.